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Navigating the Writing Process

I was invited by peace activist and fellow author, Jan Krause Greene, to participate in the IC Publishing Summer Blog Tour on the topic, The Writing Process. Jan is the author of an intriguing novel, I Call Myself Earth Girl and is currently working a sequel and two other books.  

IC Publishing was founded by Sheri Andrunyk, author of Working From Home and Making It Work and Hearts Linked by Courage. You can learn more about Sheri at  

So, here is my experience of the writing process.  

How Do You Start Your Writing Projects?

I follow the guidance and participate in the unfolding with an attitude of openness.  My current writing project began with an early morning dream, followed by a series of synchronistic events that caused me to wonder if another book was waiting to emerge. Days later, I learned of a workshop entitled, Writing From Your Soul with Dr. Wayne Dyer, who had also appeared in my dream.  

This writing workshop seemed like the perfect inspiration to guide my writing, but I decided to pass on it because it coincided with my daughter's opening day of softball. As in other aspects of my life, I've learned to trust when I have to say "no," there's always another opportunity to say "yes" just a little further up the road.  

Sure enough, I learned of another opportunity to submit a book proposal.  I sat down to write after a morning meditation as I typically do and a working title and table of contents surfaced. I then made the decision to participate in Christine Kloser's Transformational Author Experience 2014.  

When writing non-fiction, I've found it helpful to begin with the book proposal.  It allows me to identify more clearly who I'm writing to, which allows me to build greater connection, making my writing more relatable.  This is the first time I've started with a title as opposed to it emerging toward the end, but it will be interesting to see how it evolves.

How Do You Continue Your Writing Projects?

Once the project has begun, I write constantly, just about wherever I am.  I write for about an hour or two after my morning meditation. I travel with a notebook and make notes throughout the day. I write while watching my daughter and friends at play.  Then, I write a few hours before going to bed.  I also sleep with a notebook at my bedside and often wake with thoughts that I immediately place onto paper.

Since I reduce my chiropractic practice hours during the summer months, the majority of both of my previous books have been written at this time of year.  

How Do You Finish Your Writing Projects?

Having a deadline to submit a book proposal is my current motivation for completing and revising the first chapter of my book, along with the other submission requirements.  

After the book proposal is submitted, my focus will be on writing and completing the other chapters.  I might blog less since my energies are focused on writing my book.  

I don't typically keep track of the total number of words I write on a daily basis.  I just write and trust the process.  It truly is amazing how it all comes together.  

What's one challenge or additional tip that our collective communities could benefit from?

Some of the best pieces of writing wisdom I've received come from best-selling author Cheryl Richardson.  At a Hay House Writer's Workshop she once said, "Never put down or judge the artist inside of you.  A writer needs a safe place to create."  

She also said, "You may grow beyond what you've written."  

That's why I love the process of writing.  Not only does it allow us to access our inner wisdom and ignite our creativity, but it also stimulates our own growth in the process. 

Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, once we've completed a project, we are never really the same.  

Passing the Pen...

And with that, let me introduce you to another fellow writer, Stephanie Brockway.  Stephanie will be posting on July 23rd as part of the IC Publishing Summer Blog Tour.  

Stephanie Brockway is a graphic designer, artist and writer. Her favorite kind of work involves the intersection of all three jobs. She lives in Hopkinton, MA with her two sons and rescue dog, Penny.

You can visit Stephanie at the following sites:

Blessings to you on your writing journey,


Kathleen O'Malley, DC is passionate about transforming lives.  She is an integrative wellness chiropractor, mentor to adolescent and young women and  has authored two inspiring books;  Messages from Children and What They Can Teach Grown-ups (Balboa Press, 2013) and Messages from Within (Balboa Press 2012)  She is currently working on her third transformational book.  She lives in MA with her husband, daughter and their rescue dog, Logan.  

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