Friday, February 28, 2014

Transcending Loss, Embracing Love

A young girl lost her mother...

On the morning of her twenty-first birthday she awoke and something was different...

She ran breathlessly to the ocean where, at the water's edge, she threw herself down on the sand and cried and cried and cried. "Where is my mother? she cried as her tears mingled with the water from the ocean.

     "I am here," a voice replied.

She was startled. The voice seemed to come from deep inside of her and all around her at the same time. "Who are you? she asked in amazement. 

     "I am your mother," replied the voice.

Why did you not answer me before when I called you over and over?

     "Because," the voice replied, "in an attempt to cope with your grief, you shut down your heart and I could no longer reach you. Now you are open and awake so we can commune once again."

     "Why did you leave me?" the young woman asked. 

     "There were many lessons you needed to learn that you could learn best in my absence. From your pain, you learned compassion. Your anger gave you clarity and the strength you needed to endure. Your loneliness taught you self-awareness. By experiencing your greatest fears you learned courage.

     The voice became quiet as the young girl listened to the sound of her own breathing and the waves lapping on the shore. She felt a great sense of peace come over her. "May I come back and visit you here?" she asked.

     The voice chuckled warmly, "My dear girl, I don't live here. I am everywhere. I am the sea. I am the flowers. I am the stars that shine at night. I am your breath. I am your tears. I am your Mother and I will never leave you."

--Author Unknown

Sometimes there are no answers.  But when we learn to trust that there is a bigger picture we cannot see, it is then that we begin to hear and see more clearly.  When we embrace our emotions instead of denying them, we open ourselves to the guidance, love and support that comes from within and all around us.  

May peace be yours today and always,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC

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