Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The ABC's of Happier Living

-Appreciate all the good there is.  Stop for a moment, breathe deeply, take notice and say thank you.

B-Be who you truly are, not what others expect you to be.

C-Create something you can be proud of.  Every choice creates an experience.

D-Dance whenever you feel like it, no matter who's watching.

E-Embrace challenges.  They are what help us to grow and transform into more of ourselves. 

E-Eat ice-cream and/or cake at least once a month.  It's good to challenge your body from time to time.

F-Forgive yourself and others, sooner than later.

G-Give and receive love each and every day.

H-Have no regrets.

I-Imagine how you can make a difference.  Now dream up ways to make it happen. 

J-Jump into a pile of leaves at least once.

K-Keep your heart and mind open. 

L-Look at the story of your life in reverse.  You'll see the bigger picture this way.

M-Measure success in joy, love and inner peace.

N-Never say never.  It's easier to judge a situation from the outside looking in. 

O-Obey your inner guidance. Question all other authorities.

P-Play fair.  There's enough good to go around. 

Q-Quit beating up on yourself.  We all make mistakes.  The key is to grow from them and reinvent yourself  to be a better expression of who you ultimately would like to become.

R-Release all that binds your heart; fear, shame, guilt, limiting beliefs and anything else that threatens to dim your radiance. 

S-Spend time with people who look, act and think differently than you do.  We all have something to give. 

T-Tell a joke or funny story.  Be someone's reason to smile or laugh out loud. 

U-Use whatever gifts, talents, treasures you've been given for your own fulfillment and in service to others. 

V-Value your relationships.  Value yourself. 

W-Worry less, pray more.

X-Xercise your body and mind. 

Y-Yodel if it makes you happy.  Express your heart's contentment in whatever way it leaps from you.

Z-Zip up the past.  Heal what needs mending in order to set yourself fee.  Move forward with integrity, intention and purpose. 

And if these ABC's don't work for you, create your own list.  Break the mold (I have two E's).  Keep it simple. 

Love and blessings,

Kathleen O'Malley, Author


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