Friday, May 24, 2013

Messages from an Angel Named Margaret

Okay mom, you were right! I have to do things my way and in my own time.  That's just who I am.  I guess I've never been one to follow conventional wisdom or accept the guidance that didn't immediately RESONATE.  But I have learned to pay better attention to the messages I receive.  I've learned that I am connected to all that exists around me.  I've learned to to let go of certain ideas accepted as truths and be open to unlimited possibilities.  In fact, I'm still learning (as we all are).

Earlier this year, I woke up with a series of phrases in my head that left me feeling rather confused even as I placed these thoughts on paper.  In the midst of writing, a picture of a man's face began to form in my mind.  It was someone I recognized, but knew very little about.  In the wee hours of the morning, I sent this man a message.  I thought for certain he would think I was Krr-azy and yet he responded. 

This man was Gerry Gavin and he communicates with a guardian angel named Margaret.  He's even brought her messages to the world in a book acquired by Hay House, Messages from Margaret.  Gerry shared how he too had woken up a few times after 3am with a dream about a woman needing his help.  He offered to write a letter to Margaret and see what advice she had to offer me. 

Here is a part of Margaret's message to me:

As spiritual beings you have come into forms that are much more limited then you are used to…and often…to live the life that feels correct to you, you find that you are often “swimming upstream” against great tides. But you adapt and you learn to use this body to breathe. Spend more time focusing on your breath. Look at the upstream swim as just a part of your nature…just as the fish does…and know that it is the fish who seeks the easiest food that will often find that it is at the end of fishing line. Fish also appeared to you when you were pregnant because it was symbolic of a new life form, as well as that which gives life. To the fisherman of Jesus’ time the fish was both their livelihood and their very life because a great deal of the land was hard to farm…and fish were plentiful. So fish came to be symbolic of life. The metaphor of becoming “fishers of men” was very powerful because it was what the original apostles were being asked to do. But the plan that Jesus had in mind was for them to spread the word of the “divinity of man”…showing how God was alive in every living thing...

Your book by the way brings people back to the original message; unless ye become like children.

Go in peace and love,

I'm certainly not one to seek the "easiest" path, but at the risk of sounding a tad bit arrogant, for a great part of my life I've been able to manifest what I've most desired.  I recognize and hold immense gratitude for the hand of grace that has guided my life.  Yet, I grew rather fond of the trail of least resistance and having things work out exactly as I planned. 

In recent years, however, it seems that I've pushed and pounded on some doors that didn't seem to budge.  It's taken seven pregnancies since my first daughter was born and two attempts with a gestational surrogate to accept that my journey extends beyond nurturing my own children.  I still believe that life is not intended to be a struggle when we are aligned with our most essential purpose--to be the truest expression of ourselves.   

Many years ago, a clairvoyant friend introduced me to a spiritual guide named Margaret Gilfoyle and even purchased a session with her for me.  I managed not to laugh out loud when Margaret said that I traveled in my sleep to heal people.  In fact, I completely forgot about this statement until about three years ago.  Another spiritual agent named Chris said the same thing.  When I shared Chris' revelation with my friend, Tisha, she reminded me that this was also what Margaret had said.  Hmm...  I have to say I'm still wrestling with this one.  But I admit I have had some pretty wild dreams and experiences. 

The message about becoming "fishers of men" was not a call I was ready to accept until more recently. Helping people to recognize their divine nature was not a part of the curriculum in chiropractic school although it was clear that "the power that made the body is what heals the body."  I guess I needed confirmation from an Angel not in human form in order to make this leap of faith. 

What's also interesting is that my grandfather was not only a fisherman, but he was also spiritually-gifted.  He was the primary male presence in my life from infancy through age 5 and after that I spent summers in his and my grandmother's care.   I remember how my grandmother would call him crazy.  He was able to communicate with otherworldly beings and people who had transitioned from this life.  I guess I've wanted to avoid being labeled as crazy as best I could and have been tentative to share experiences that are not so easy to explain. 

It's also interesting that a woman named Peggy, short for Margaret, reached out to me to ask if I would do a couple of book signings at her boutique, Peggy's Place.  I'll be there again this Saturday from 1-3pm if you live locally and would like to stop by and get a signed copy of one of my books.

To learn more about Gerry Gavin and his guardian angel, Margaret, you may visit or tune in to his weekly HayHouse radio show on Tuesdays 6pm ET. 

Have a Krazy, wonderful, blessed day!


Kathleen O'Malley, DC is passionate about transforming lives.  She is the author of Messages from Children and What They Can Teach Grown-ups (Balboa Press, 2013) and Messages from Within (Balboa Press 2012)  Available on, Barnes and, Balboa, Peggy's Place in North Grafton and O'Malley Health and Wellness Center, North Grafton.

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