Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where There's Will, You Can Make a Way

Last summer, my daughter asked for money to  purchase more nets to go "frog-catching" with all her neighborhood friends.  My response was that she would have to do househould tasks beyond her daily responsibilities.  The day after, she said that she was gong to visit the neighbors.  One of her friends accompanied her.   She returned close to our agreed upon time, twenty minutes later, with fourteen dollars.  When I questioned her about the money she explained that she sold her artwork. 
            “You sold your artwork?”
            “To the neighbors,” she said.  I smiled at her ingenuity.  She has not taken any art classes outside of what is provided at school.
            The next day, she made purses out of paper, staples and yarn and was heading out to do the same thing.  I again complimented her creativity, but thought the neighborly thing to do would be to discourage her from this venture.  “They can say no if they want,” she assured me.  I still offered to buy all five purses, which she quickly agreed to.  She charged me five dollars.  Her next words, “Thank you very much, Abraham Lincoln joins my wallet.”
            My daughter was absolutely right in reminding me that our neighbors were free to say no to her.  She knew to respect their answer, but was also unafraid of a negative response.  She did not want to do tasks she would not enjoy.  Instead, she found a creative way of earning money.  We all have that choice, to accept what is made available to us or carve out new ways for ourselves. 
            Am I saying it's that easy.  I believe it can be when we are aligned with what we are meant to be doing in this world.  Challenges and difficult circumstances help us to consider other options.  But many of us are afraid of change.  Many of us are afraid to fail.  Many of us are afraid to hear, no.  We allow the threat of “no” to be the one thing that stands between us and our dreams.  At times, we are even afraid to hear or say, yes.  If a dream has been placed within our heart, it is ours to take.  But the fear of failing is often what prevents us from acting upon or dreams.  So what if the answer is no?  What is the worst thing that can possibly happen?  What if you do say yes without being fully prepared?  Mistakes are how we learn. 
            No does not mean never in all cases.  When it comes to fulfilling our dreams, it can mean not now or not in this particular way.  When we don’t get the response we first hoped for, it allows us to be more creative.  It helps us to look for other options or avenues.  It allows us to move in a direction that we would not have otherwise considered.  In the end, we often find that we are exactly where we had hoped to be or somewhere greater that we first imagined. 
            I can think of quite a few no’s that I am now grateful for.  How about you?  We can be grateful for the no’s and allow them to lead us to where we are better served and where we can best serve.  

Love and blessings,


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