Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Do You Really, Really Want?

If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.

-Orson Welles

Anya* is a woman in her early twenties.  Her grandmother approached me and asked if I could meet with her.  She explained that her granddaughter had a recent accidental drug overdose.  We met on a Wednesday morning in December.  First, I listened to Anya tell her story.  Yes, there was much pain that began in childhood.  Her involvement with drugs began at the age of fourteen.  Under all that pain was a beautiful spirit waiting to be awakened.  She had to choose to see it. 

We were together for an incredible two and a half hours, much longer than any of us had anticipated.  Her grandmother stayed through the session at Anya's request and something happened and the three of us felt it.  "This feels so sacred" her grandmother said at the time. 

That same evening, Anya went online and applied for a job at a restaurant in a nearby town.  She received a call for an interview to be held the following day.  She felt that the interview went well, but was surprised to hear back from her new manager that same Thursday evening.  His words were, "I don't know exactly why, but I feel like I should hire you."  While those might not seem like encouraging words from an employer, his words were good enough for Anya.  Not only did she accept the job, but she also enrolled in a program to help with her addiction recovery. 

To witness such amazing will to not only seek help, but to also take immediate steps to begin to put the pieces of her life back together; I can truly say that she gave to me much more than I could give her.  This serves as a powerful example of the human potential. 

During our session, I had asked Anya what she really, really wanted for herself.  She said, "I don't want to do what I've been doing anymore."  It was obvious that she didn't want to hurt anymore, herself or anyone else.  That is what we affirmed in that session.  "I am healed" were the words given to her. 

Please understand that growth and true healing takes time, commitment and guidance.  The guidance comes from inner and outer sources.  "We are wounded in relationship, so we must heal in relationship," one of my teachers offered to me.  As determined as I was to remain whole in light of difficult circumstances, the reality is that I couldn't fully do it alone.  I still needed others to guide me in my growth, healing and restoration.  We are born wired for relationship and we all need a loving presence and at least one affirming voice to nourish our spirit. 

We also live in an extraordinary universe that provides us with amazing opportunities when we get really clear about what we truly want.  There are times when we get an instant miracle.  Other times, the miracle is in process.  It exists in the manner in which our lives continue to unfold.

If healing is what you desire, you first have to acknowledge it and ask for help from an appropriate source, whether it's physical or emotional.  In the words of Cheryl Richardson, author with Louise Hay of You Can Create An Exceptional Life, your life can be a constant stream of miracles.  When you connect to this truth, it will become your truth. 

Grace is available to all persons.  Since life is about making choices, we still have to open ourselves up in order to receive it fully.  Ask for what you really, really want.  Then, be that.  In other words, don't stay in a place of wanting.  Allow the want to be transformed into a wish that is transformed into the will to take the steps to ultimately manifest what you desire.  It's your choice every step of the way. 

If you've asked for healing, affirm "I am healed."  Know that the right practitioners, books and/or information will enter your life at the exact moment that you need them to.  It's still up to you to choose to accept the guidance when it shows up.

May you have a blessed day and may all your needs that are aligned with divine will be met. 

*The name in this post has been changed to protect this person's privacy.

Love to you,


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