Saturday, December 15, 2012

World Peace Begins at Home

The world has enough anger and hatred; what we need is more love.

The tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday reminds us to hold our children a bit closer today and show them how much they are loved.

We must also encourage them to share what is on their minds and in their hearts, not just today, but each and every day.  We must help them to recognize that hurting others because they wish for someone else to understand what they are feeling is never the answer. 

We also have to heal our own lives.  The majority of us don't talk earnestly about what is happening inside of us until we are on the verge of self-destruction. Typically, we don't ask for help until it's absolutely unavoidable.  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.  It is a sign of great strength. 

Let us not just talk about what happened yesterday, but rather do something to really change the way we live.  We can empower our children when we choose to mend our own hearts and transform our lives.  By creating a more heart-centered world, we pave the way for them to shine and share their most brilliant light. 

Love truly is the only answer. 

"If I want to live in a peaceful world, then it is up to me to make sure that I am a peaceful person. No matter how others behave, I keep peace in my heart. I declare peace in the midst of chaos or madness. I surround all difficult situations with peace and love."

                                                                            ~Louse Hay ♥

Love and blessings to all and especially those in Newtown, Connecticut. 

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