Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanks and Giving

As I was emptying the dishwasher this morning, I was thinking of Thanksgiving and what I can do this year to give thanks in an even more meaningful way.  This is when I dropped quite a heavy fork on my foot.  It really hurt.  So of course I looked around to find what I was meant to see.  Yes, this is how I really live my life.  If I'm looking for one book and a different one falls off the shelf, I pay attention.  If I'm having difficulty locating something I've misplaced, I ask myself, What else needs my attention before I'm able to find what I'm looking for?  At times, the answer is simply that I have to begin to clean my desk and clear away the clutter in order to find what I need.  And other times, I get another example of just how amazing life is.

So this incident caused me to look around on the floor and all over the kitchen for what I was supposed to see.  Then it hit me.  No, I didn't drop anything else on my foot.  It occurred to me that in the moments before I started putting the dishes away, my daughter and I had been talking about her stash of Halloween candy disappearing.  She was trying to figure out who might be eating it or if I was slowly getting rid of it.  She was sharing her suspicions and I reminded her that there was still plenty of candy and it was always good to share.  I said to her, "When we give or generously allow others to have some of what we have, we are always provided with more." 

We already know that the more we express gratitude, the more reasons to be thankful tend to show up.  What if we took this one step further?  What if every time we are provided with a reason to say thank you to someone,  we immediately looked for ways to extend the gift to others?  We don't have to wait for the opportunity to arise.  We can actively seek out ways to be a blessing to others when we've been blessed in any way.  In doing this, we would continously feed the cycle of thanks and giving.   

So I've decided to do just that.  Not only will I continue to look for ways to express gratitude each day; I will be mindful of ways in which I can extend the gift to at least one other person whenever I've been given the opportunity to say "thank you." 

Remember, if you're breathing, that's a blessing.  So you can  say "thank you" each morning you awake and find at least one way to be a blessing to another.  It doesn't have to be a grand gesture.  It can be anything that is helpful in some way.  EVERY day can truly be Thanksgiving with every act done with kindness and love.  I hope you will join me in this. 

Also, I hope this message inspires you to be a "realist" in that you really pay attention and really expect miracles in your own life. 

"We cannot all do great things, but we can all do small things with great love."
-Mother Teresa

Love and blessings,

Kathleen O'Malley

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