Thursday, November 8, 2012

Message from Mother Teresa

Photo by Jeannie Feola
I awoke at 3:11 this morning with this message and felt compelled to share.

As Mother Teresa once said, "There is no key to happiness; The door is always open." We only have to choose to enter.

Here's what we'll need to do...

1. Let go of the need for our way of thinking to be right. We each have the ability to determine what is right for us when we tap into our own inner compass that guides us to truth as opposed to looking for outside guidance.

2. Allow life to unfold as opposed to always trying to make things happen. GOD/Life/The Universe won't allow it if there's nothing for us to learn, no gifts to uncover or no resources readily available.

3. Above all else, put love first and allow others to live and act according to what feels right within them. We are here to see the face of GOD/Love/Truth/Beauty in ourselves and in each other.

4. Empty ourselves of the anger, resentment, fear and other negative emotions and limiting beliefs that keep us from recognizing our true divine nature. Only then can we be truly filled.

5. Let go of the need to blame. God doesn't cause "bad" things to happen. What about the child who is abused, born into poverty or conceived during a rape. She has everything she needs within her in order to transcend those circumstances. Once she understands that it is her choice to make, the right people will show up to guide her. It could be a relative, a teacher or it could be someone like you.

6. Recognize that God doesn't judge. In our humanness, we judge ourselves and each other.

7. See the WOW! in everyday life. Spend time in the presence of a child and they will show us how.

8. We don't have to search very hard to find our true purpose. We only have to look inside ourselves to remember. This requires that we take time for "being" as opposed to always "doing."

Love and blessings,

Kathleen O'Malley

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