Friday, November 16, 2012

May All Your Dreams Come True

I spent a lot of my childhood waiting to become an adult.  I think many of us do.  And now, we wait until life gets better or happier or easier or until the kids are grown or until the person we are caring for loses their battle with whatever illness they might be experiencing.  If you are happiest and most fulfilled when you're serving others or caring for someone else, by all means this is how you are meant to spend the majority of your time.  That doesn't seem to be the norm, though. 

It seems that many people are unfulfilled and waiting for things to get better.  We are waiting until we feel more confident or more accomplished or until the economy improves or until we meet someone who makes us happier.  We could spend our entire lives waiting.

Yes, I do believe that whatever is meant to be will find it's way.  At the same time, why can't we help it along just a bit?  Why can't we put our dreams in action?  Life is still about making choices.

When do we start living our lives.  I mean truly living and doing what we are meant to do.  More important, when do we start being who we were meant to be?  Do we even know who we are?  I mean, who we really, really are. 

We often hear that "it's never to late to have a happy childhood" or "in my next life, I'll do this." But what about this life?  When will you start living the life you already have?  Why would you be granted another one if you've given this one completely your children, your parents, your spouse, your job, to everyone else but yourself.  

Easier said than done?  No, I didn't say it is easy, especially to start.  It takes some effort on your part.  You can still be loving and supportive and care for others.  While doing so, you can take time for you.  When you begin to live your life with intention and purpose, it is almost magical how it unfolds.  It gets easier.  The right people or books show up along the way.  You begin to make sense of the happenings in your life.  You see where your experiences have been leading you this whole time.

If you are giving a 100% to your dreams, a project or a business or a relationship and it's still not working, maybe it's time for a fresh perspective.  No, you don't give up just because it's difficult.  You pay attention.  You look inside yourself and ask, "What am I not seeing?"  "What else can be done?" "What's my next step?"

When you pay attention, you begin to see that nothing is without purpose.  You begin to discover the truth of who you are.  You begin to uncover your gifts and the dreams that were inscribed within your heart.  These gifts and dreams were meant not only for you to live a fulfilling life, but also intended for you to share with the rest of humanity.  So if you want to give of yourself in the way intended, then live your dreams. 

Where do I begin, you might ask. 

1.  Live with intention and purpose.  Ask for what you really want in life.  Say what you want to do with your life.  Write it down.  Say it to someone.  Just put it out there.
2.  Want the same for others.  Want them to live their dreams.  Share your wisdom with them.
3.  Pay attention.  Notice the signs along the road, the book that falls off the shelf, the seemingly chance  email, facebook message or conversation at the check-out counter.
4.  Surrender.  What you really want today may not be what you really, really want tomorrow.  So when you write what you really want, add "or better." 

May all your dreams come true.

Love and blessings,

Kathleen O'Malley

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