Monday, October 8, 2012

Everyday Angel

On the day my friend's family lost their beloved pet, she came face to face with an angel.  Sadly, her seven month old puppy, Marcus, ran out into the street and was severely injured when he was hit by a truck.  The driver chose to continue driving, but subsequent cars came to a stop as my friend ran to the aid of her puppy.  Her pet lay motionless in the middle of the road as her two children were also witnessing this horrifying scene. 

A stranger appeared from a few cars back and came to her aid.  He gently instructed her to remain calm.  He looked into her eyes with a tender gaze.  "You have to get him to the vet," he said.  His voice was steady and he had a calming presence.  He explained how he had lost many animals before and understood how devastating this experience was for her and her kids. 

He assisted her in rolling Marcus unto a flattened cardboard box and carried him to her van.  As Marcus was being placed into the back of the van, he clamped his mouth unto this man's arm.  The man gently caressed the top of Marcus' head and whispered, "It's okay, buddy.  It's time to let go."

This wonderful stranger seat-belted her children and offered to follow my friend to the vet.  He even called ahead while they were in route to alert the staff who were waiting when they arrived. 

My friend felt as though she had been visited by an angel.  She couldn't imagine what she would have done if she had not received the guidance and help of this compassionate soul. 

What are the chances that this man would be traveling this road on this particular day at this very moment? 

"The spirit of love arranges all meetings for the highest good of all concerned." 
"God's timing is perfect."--Alan Cohen

Love and blessings to you,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC


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