Friday, August 31, 2012

Awaking Beauty

Last night, I fell asleep with thoughts of my long list of household tasks to be done.  I awoke this morning from a dream that inspired this post.  

In my dream, I was in the middle of cleaning the master bath and left to go downstairs to the kitchen to make a vinegar and water spray.  While in the kitchen, I noticed how dirty the windows were so I began cleaning the windows.  In the middle of cleaning the windows, I needed another cleaning towel, so this is when I headed back upstairs.  I had left the water running in the bathroom sink and the entire top floor had flooded and the water was traveling down the stairs.  I couldn't believe the huge mess I had created.  I told myself I must be dreaming, so I just lied down on the stairs hoping to awake from this nightmare.  Thankfully I did.

There are many times when we wish to wake up and find that our challenges and painful experiences were just a horrible nightmare.  Or, in the case of Sleeping Beauty, we may wish to be put to sleep until a better time.  We all know that isn't the case.  We can't just wish our difficulties away.  We have to face them and take action to create positive changes.  We have to heal from our painful experiences and move forward in our lives.

Soren Kierkegard, a philosopher, said that "life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards." 

Having the ability to now look back upon almost four decades of my journey, I can now say with absolute certitude that I am grateful for every experience I've ever had.  As a child, I did not have everything I wanted, but somehow I ended up with everything I needed.  Circumstances that seemed unfair, I now understand.  It seems that the right people showed up in my life just as I needed them to.  Blessings often arrive in many forms and disguises. 

None of us have the fairytale luxury of falling asleep for hundreds of years and waking up to a better world.  This is the world that we have to live in now.  This is the world that we have to raise our children in.  The time is now to work at creating a better world.  This is exactly the reason for each of us being here at this particular time.  It begins with each one of us.

The time is now to transform yourself.  Love yourself more.  Laugh more.  Give yourself the gift of forgiveness.  Give yourself a few moments of silence each day.  Awaken to all that you are.  Live your dreams.  This is how each person can contribute to healing our world. 

There is so much beauty that is available for each person to explore in every moment of each day.  Anything and everything can be a portal to the sensation of joy that resides within each of us.  When we pay attention to the dreams that have been inscribed within our hearts, we live more meaningful lives.  We awaken to the grace that is always present to us, even in the worst of circumstances. 

“Night and day, dream of what you intend to do and what you intend to be, and those dreams will interpret your intentions.  Let no doubt creep into your dreams and intentions."
                                                                                                   -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Love and Blessings,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC


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