Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Healing Your Life

For about seven years, I held the belief that my body, which I had taken exceptional care of, had failed me.  This was due to a series of unexplainable pregnancy and birth losses.  There was no known medical reason why this kept happening in spite of numerous tests, placental pathology reports, genetic studies, etc.  

An extensive list of holistic practitioners offered many great tools, but no solution in my specific case.  As a deeply spiritual person and as a wellness chiropractor who uses an integrative approach to health and healing, this turned my world upside down as you can imagine. 

In the Fall of 2008, I was invited to join a book group with a beautiful circle of women.  The book that they were reading at that time was Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life.” In Chapter 15,  there is a list of common problems along with their probable causes based on her teachings on thought patterns and how negative thoughts can create problems in the body.  

When I looked up miscarriages and spontaneous abortion, the associated negative thought was fear. I didn’t immediately connect to this.  But in writing my book, Messages from Within,  and looking back at my older journals, I found that there were so many instances where, in fact, I had written about being afraid or wanting to release my fears. 

A guided meditation just last summer also helped me to see how deeply rooted this fear was.   It was a group meditation with my PRH growth educator.  PRH is an education that was founded by Andre Rochais in the early 70's.  One of the primary teachings of this education is how to connect to and develop the Being, the heart of a person that holds their inherent wisdom, potential, qualities and gifts. 

This meditation was intended to lead us back to the moment of our conception,our pure essence before any external conditioning so that we could recognize the miracle of our existence.  Because of the way I came into this physical world, I experienced a sense of panic and so I forged my way beyond this moment, back to my origination in God's heart.

I now recognize that many of us carry fear and other unhealthy emotions within us without even realizing just how much of a hold these stored emotions can have on us.  It is important for us to pay attention and take a closer look at our inner world.  It is only then that we can begin to release these unsupported fears and truly heal ourselves.     

Once you open your heart and your mind to healing from the inside out, the right persons and books will begin to show up in your life to help guide you.   

I offer you this "new belief" by Louise Hay:

"In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.  The past has no power over me because I am willing to learn and to change.  I see the past as necessary to bring me to where I am today.  I am willing to begin where I am right now to clean the rooms of my mental house.  I know it does not matter where I start, so I now begin with the smallest and the easiest rooms, and in that way I will see results quickly.  I am thrilled to be in the middle of this particular adventure, for I know I will never go through this particular experience again.  I am willing to set myself free.  All is well in my world."

 Love and Blessings to you,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC

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