Monday, March 19, 2012

Through the Eyes of A Child

This weekend was spent at a workshop entitled, "Accessing Our Original Child Through Laughter, Play and Creativity." A desire to create without clearly defined boundaries has enveloped me.  My inner toddler, if you will, yearns for her unclothed freedom in the absence of fear or hesitation.  No limitations in a field of expansive openness.  

A memory quickly surfaces from many years ago.  It is of a time in Kindergarten, during a designated naptime.  Instead of resting my little head, I went around tickling the feet, attempting to awaken all my peers.  A mischievous act my teacher, Mrs. Claxton, did not at all find amusing.  It is with that same playfulness that I extend this invitation to you. 

It has been said that the world is our canvas to paint ourselves into it, so we are to experience it more fully.  I invite you to erase the pictures that no longer seem to fit.  Add more organic flavorings, blend the colors, add more textures to this sensual experience that we call Life.   Savor each and every moment. 

It is not enough to simply fill in all the empty spaces, but rather to embrace each blank page as an opening to an even greater reality...a magnificent creation of your very own.

Love and Blessings,

Kathleen O'Malley

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