Thursday, February 2, 2012

Your Life in Six Words

I recently read an article in Oprah's Magazine about writing your memoir in six words.  This idea was inspired by writer and editor Larry Smith of SMITH Magazine, an online publication.  Some were really funny.  Paula Deen wrote, "Might as well eat that cookie."  You can read them all at

This inspired my own six-word memoir:

Love. Hope. Faith.
Create Peace Within.

 Six Steps to Creating Peace Within


 1.  Love yourself:  If you are judging yourself, minimizing your gifts, over exaggerating your abilities, giving too much of yourself or unwilling to forgive, you are not honoring all of who you are.  Love yourself enough to respect your limitations.  You need adequate rest in order to function optimally.  Be gentle with yourself when you need to.  Don't lose yourself to the opinions of others.  Try telling yourself "YOU are amazing."  One day soon, you will believe yourself.

2.  Direct loving energy to others:  Consider that every person in your life is there to teach you something or receive from you.  They may be reflecting back qualities in yourself that you need to work on, providing an opportunity for you to grow and evolve.  Or, you may allow them to heal and grow when you respond lovingly.  Allow yourself to see the good in them.  If you really look, it truly is hard to miss.

When you also recognize that love is a powerful, healing force, you no longer feel hopeless and helpless.  You may not be able to respond to a natural disaster or other tragedy with anything other than a compassionate heart.  When there is no other way you can help, send love.

3.  Create affirmations:  Affirmations work when you connect to positive statements and then take actions to create a better reality for yourself.  When someone says, "you are amazing."  That affirms you.  That alone makes you want to do better.  Why can't we do that for ourselves?  Why do advertisements work?  Because we receive the same message over and over again.  If you feel as though you are just saying a bunch of words that you don't connect to, then they will not be as effective.  One of the amazing qualities of our human bodies is that it allows us to know if something is true.  We can feel it.   You have to first know and be clear about what you truly want.  Then, affirm it.  When you make an affirmation and then do or say something that conflicts with the afirmation, you will know.  Your body will help you remain true to whatever you affirm.

4.  Be open to Life:  What you hope for may be your heart's desire at a given moment, but may not necessarily bring you to your highest purpose.    As you grow and evolve, be open to replacing your original dreams with newer ones.   Once you have done everything you possibly can do to achieve what you most desire, let go in peaceful surrender.  Allow Life to lead you to where you intended to be or bring you to an even greater place beyond your original dream. 


5.  Live in Faith:  When you connect to the unquestionable belief that there is a greater power directing your Life, you realize that there is underlying order in all of your life experiences.  Faith is truly the antidote to fear.  If you trust that everything is how it needs to be and seek to learn what this experience is meant to teach, fear begins to dissolve.  When you recognize that every soul knows and accepts its fate, you are better able to accept when it is time for their transition.  You still grieve the loss of loved ones because you are human.  But, when you do not seek help and allow yourself to remain in the sadness, you forget that the point of Life is living.  We honor those we have loved and lost by receiving what they were meant to give to us and by fulfilling our own purpose. 

6.  Surround yourself with Life-giving persons:  Another quality of being human is the need for others.  You need others who nourish your soul, allow you to be yourself, encourage you to explore your inner world and help you reconnect when Life seems difficult. Trust that the right persons will ALWAYS show up when you need them... not by chance or by accident, but by gifts of grace.  You only need to ask.

I guess I couldn't stop at just six words :)

Love to you,

Kathleen O'Malley

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