Saturday, February 25, 2012

Re-writing Your Story

Native American folklore:  One evening, a grandfather sits to talk with his grandson about a tragedy that occurred in their village. He says, "My son, there is a battle of  two "wolves"  that happens inside every human heart. One wolf is fearful, angry, and vengeful.  The other wolf is a loving and compassionate one."  The grandson then asks, "Grandfather, which wolf wins the fight?"  The grandfather places his hand on his grandson's heart and replies, "The one you feed."

We inevitably encounter traumatic events throughout our lives.  As children, we do whatever is necessary for our survival, but then we continue to identify with what happened to us.  As adults, our immediate reaction to difficult circumstances is one of resistance, questioning and blame.  "This can't be happening." "Why has this happened to me?"  "What did I do to deserve this?" We struggle to reach acceptance or get stuck trying to make sense of it all.   Some choose to hold on to the anger and bitterness, while some of us come to see what each experience was meant to teach us about ourselves and the world around us.  We recognize our inner strength and hidden gifts that have emerged. 

Whatever Life brings our way, we can choose how we put the pieces together.  We can reframe our memories so that stories of loss become stories of love and life.  We can remember the courage displayed by unlikely heroes amid the most tragic events.  We can see how certain experiences have led us in a direction that we may not have otherwise chosen.   We can change our perspective of the most difficult or unpleasant events.  Only then can we experience true healing and inner peace.

You can choose to remain stuck in your memories of a difficult past or you can choose to live a fuller existence...transforming not only your life, but helping to transform the lives of those around you.  How will your story read?  Which wolf will you choose to feed?

Sending love to you.  Please pass it on.

Kathleen O'Malley

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