Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Is it Human Nature to be Happy for Another?

The beautiful Oscar nominee, Viola Davis, commented that "it is not a part of our genetic make up to be happy for each other."  A lesson that she has learned on her life's journey.  I immediately felt a stirring within me.  Why is that? I wondered.  Many of us easily open up our compassionate hearts and extend helping hands to those in need.   Why isn't it just as easy to raise our hands and applaud the efforts of those who rise to greater heights?

Perhaps we are threatened by another's success because it leaves less excuses for us not to move beyond our own circumstances.  Or, maybe we are so busy yearning to be in the other person's place that we forget to appreciate our own unique gifts.  We forget that superiority is an idea that society created, but it is such a barrier to our potential as human beings. 

There are many indications in nature that illustrate how fundamental cooperation and supportive efforts are to the greater good of the whole.  Insects and plants interact in ways that are mutually beneficial.  Lion prides, flocks of geese and indigenous cultures show us how all members of the group are essential in caring for their young.  It is not just about survival, but rather about the oneness that is Life. 

We are all an expression of divine love and were created for divine purpose.  When we step beyond our own interests and fulfillment, we will see that we are each an essential part of a greater whole.  When we celebrate our sister or brother, we are in fact celebrating a part of ourselves. 

Love to you,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC


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Irma Gendreau said...

Your insights are refreshing and enriching. What a beautiful gift you've been given... the writer in you is flourishing! Thanks for sharing these insights. They are inspiring.