Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Blue Christmas?

As I reflect on past Christmases, I am reminded that this time of year is not always filled whith cheer for every person out there.  Many of us have experienced significant loss around the holidays.  The recent loss of a loved one, a divorce, a lost job or home or other financial difficulties can leave one feeling less than joyful.  Celebrating seems more of an obligation than a true joyous experience.

If your spirit feels wounded this holiday season, you do not have to keep up with the fesitivities if it feels like it's all too much.  Stay true to your self and to what you are feeling.    Do only what feels sacred to you and brings true peace.  You may choose to do something that honors your loved ones and keeps their memory alive.  If  you are experiencing financial hardship, give the gift of love or the gift of forgiveness that cost nothing but mean so much.  Spend time with the people you love and who love and support you.  Recognize that the true meaning of Christmas is love.

"We search for sacred spaces, spiritual experiences and truths.  But the holiest places are often found when we spend time with people we love." -Melody Beattie

Peace be with you,

Kathleen O'Malley

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