Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Are Where You Were Meant To Be

     On my walk this morning, I tried to capture  the low-lying blanket of fog.  It reminded me of a time when I struggled to see what lie ahead, rather than face what was visibly in front of me.  I wanted so much to see beyond my current circumstances and get a clearer picture.  For quite some time, it all remained such a blur. 

Almost as soon as I was able to truly let go, the clarity I sought came.   It was just at the right time...when everything else was in place and I was best able to use what was revealed to me.  

This past weekend, I spent at a retreat center called Terre Nouvelle in Stoke, Quebec.  The english translation for this center is "The New Earth."  It was created twenty-five years ago and this was my second visit.  One of our activities involved walking the many acres of land in solitude and silence.  I was drawn to the pine forest with its perfectly planted pine trees.  My initial thoughts were to stay on the outskirts of the forest and absorb the rays of sun, but the darker parts beckoned me.  So, off I went. 

As I came to one end of the forest, alongside a country road, I was most struck by two yellow road signs with black arrows.  From where I was standing, the straight arrows appeared to be pointing directly at each other.  As I observed the space between these arrows, the words, where you are is right where you are meant to be, entered my consciousness.  I smiled at this beautiful gift that was given to me.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."
                                                                                 -Douglas Adams

Love to everyone,

Kathleen O'Malley

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