Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Last night, my husband and I hosted a neighborhood gathering.  We shared a potluck meal and much laughter.  One neighbor is planning to sell her house and we teased about sabotaging the sale.  We are quite the diverse group with varying ages, spoken languages, cultures, interests and occupations.   Some of us have young children about similar ages, but some are grandparents and others have no children.  Yet, we celebrate many occasions together, including birthdays, an annual Christmas party and an annual Hanukkah celebration.  We truly enjoy each other's company, but it is hard to imagine how else our paths would have crossed if it was not for the fact that we live near one another.

Most decisions to purchase a home are based on price, proximity to work, the amenities, the neighborhood school, etc.    We often hope that our neighbors will be pleasant, but friendly neighbors are typically not on our "absolute" list.  I can still recall walking up to the main floor of this two-story contemporary house.  It was not the biggest or most beautiful house we had looked at.  Still, I knew that this was the house I was meant to live in.   It was as though a voice inside me said, this is the one.  It did not matter that our original list of requirements were not being met.  It took minimal convincing for my husband to agree.   He has grown to love our home and appreciates our wonderful neighbors as much as I do. 

What major decision are you struggling with?  While it is common to look upwards and outwards for guidance, know that the answers you seek are often within yourself.   Learn to listen to and trust that inner voice. 

Love to everyone,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC

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