Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Birth of a Pearl

I find it fascinating that a pearl, with its iridescent beauty, begins as an irritant within the soft inner body of an oyster.   As a means of protecting itself, the oyster continuously secretes what becomes a hard, crystalline substance.   What was once an irritating particle gets buried within concentric layers until it is completely encased.

This is also a very human reaction to dealing with painful circumstances.  We do whatever is necessary to avoid or mask the hurt, the sadness, the grief.  While it may seem like a normal response, it is not a natural one.  It requires a lot of energy to keep our emotional pain buried.  It goes against and blocks the flow of life.   We may survive the moment, but we only postpone the inevitable.  Unresolved and suppressed pain eventually gets triggered and dormant wounds can break open.
There is no denying that pain hurts.  I can still recall a time when I wished there could be a fast forward button to take me beyond the hurt.  Now, I see that an important part of healing is allowing yourself to experience all that you are feeling.   It is necessary to acknowledge that you are hurting, cry for as long as you need to, express all that this pain contains and decide to let the energy of it go.  Often when the pain dissipates and we release it fully, we can then see what we were meant to learn or the gift that has emerged. 

Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings.  Let your tears flow, opening your heart and allowing space for love to filter in.  Recognize that underneath the layers of pain lies the truest expression of yourself with gifts that could not have emerged otherwise. 

Love to everyone,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC

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