Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Voice Within

I am that voice…

The soft whisper YOU hear
that ache in your heart
the stirring you feel
deep within.

I have been with you
since the moment of your origination,
that time of your conception.

I was at your birth.

You were beautiful
You were powerful
You were love

Created from divine love
for divine purpose

I was there when you were first wounded and
when you shed your first tear.

I was there when you were told to be quiet.

I was present when you heard,
you’re not good enough,
not smart enough

That you’re not the right shape or size
or even the right shade

That you were to act a certain way

That you were too much of this or
not enough of that

I was there when you received the message
That you ARE not worthy
or deserving of love

That you should be afraid
That you should feel guilty
That you should be ashamed

I was there
 when you then believed what you heard
and you became fearful
and you felt guilty
and you felt ashamed.

I was still there
as you were led further and further away.

But now you are here
Searching for me,

That I no longer have to be quiet

That I deserve to be recognized
To be listened to and heard
To feel safe, secure, never to be abandoned
To be respected in my uniqueness
To be believed in and trusted
To be comforted

To be taught how to relate with others
without losing myself to them

To be allowed to make mistakes

I now hear,
That I AM good enough
That I have the most beautiful shape and the perfect shade
And I’m at the perfect size
For WHO I AM right NOW
For WHO I was meant to be.

Now you say,
Be not afraid.
Do not feel guilty.
Do not feel ashamed.

That I AM beautiful
That I AM powerful
That I am love.

And I am a gift to this world.

Life has led you deeper and closer to me.

If you keep telling me I AM amazing
I just might believe you.

Love to everyone,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC


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