Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Simply Perfect

                Who says you're not perfect?
Is it not perfection that you were created out of nothingness or rather, greatness; that though we take note of our outward differences, within, we are quite the same?
Is it not perfect that it takes two distinct beings, man and woman, to create another perfect being?
That a baby, weighing only a pound
can still grow, can still learn and can still become all that she is meant to be?

Is it not perfect that a cut heals without much attention?
That you breathe without much effort?

Is it not perfect that you can feel joyous, satisfied, inspired, loved?
That you can cry when you need to, but that the tears don't last forever

Is it not perfect that love can heal?

Who says there is no such thing as perfection?
I am perfectly me and you are perfectly you.

Now is that not...simply perfect?

Love to everyone,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC


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