Saturday, September 24, 2011

Echoes of the Heart

Who are you, really?  When do you feel most like yourself?  Your self-image and how others see you are often not the truest representations of who you are in your essence.  There is a great deal of conditioning that begins from the moment of  birth.  You lose important aspects of yourself to those who are not able to accept you just as you are.  Love often comes with conditions that you look and behave a certain way.  Painful words or actions of others shape your beliefs about yourself.  You are led further and further away from the person you were intended to be.  You survive, but you are not whole.  You present an appearance that hides great insecurity.  You make choices that are not in line with what is most essential in you. 

Still, at the HEART of who you are lies your truest identity, your gifts and your truest purpose.  There is an unyielding aspiration to express all of your inherent potential.  Your BEING wants to exist fully.  This deep source of life wants you to recognize all of your aptitudes.  It beckons you to give your full measure and bring about unity between your "doing" and your "being."    There is often a whispering that begins in the form of an unsettled feeling or sense of dissatisfaction.     When ignored, these subtle whispers become resounding echoes.  It is your heart's greatest desire that you return to the pure essence of who you really are.

How do you begin to reclaim your truest self?  You create conditions that allow you to connect with your BEING.  You spend time in silence and with nature.  You absorb the fullness of bright sunlight in the Summer.  You let yourself experience the recycling of life in the Autumn months.  Even the Winter "blues" call you closer to yourself and then you embrace the awakening of Spring.    You listen to music and read books that nourish your soul.  You surround yourself with persons who are affirming and life-giving.   And, you pay specific attention to ALL that you are feeling.  Let yourself feel every emotion.  Trust that every sensation is signaling something meaningful.  What is this uneasiness linked to?  Where is this self-doubt originating?  Why is my heart racing?  What is this deep sadness?  Writing helps you explore all of what you are experiencing.  It creates that space for your inner wisdom to speak.  It can lead you to the very depths, allowing you to awaken the essential aspects of yourself.

You ask, "but will I recognize my truest self?"  The answer is a big resounding yes. 

Love to everyone,

Kathleen O'Malley, DC

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